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We (daughter, mom, and grandmother) created a kind journey because we see a movement. A movement of people wanting to live a better life. A kind life. Ever since we started living with intention, living more holistically + environmentally conscious, and started making our dreams happen, we've had a lot of people ask us how. So we launched our blog, some guides, an online school, and lifestyle + business services to help people reach their highest potential, find their happiness, and live their dream life!

Also, in 2014, we created day22 boutique because we felt there was a need to showcase quality fashion and lifestyle items that are ethically produced. Our ‘kind’ boutique experience is about slowly changing the way we consume products because we would rather have fewer items that are special than have closet full of ‘not that great.’ And guess what . . . when you purchase an item from our store you are helping others! How’s that for multitasking?


Our mission is to provide you with the guidance and the tools you need to reach your potential, find your happiness, and live a beautiful life.

We Strive To Inspire Big Shifts in the World

Our mindset, attitude, and lifestyle have an enormous influence on our health, happiness, others, the environment, and the world. We know that are choices can cause a shift in these areas and that when we choose 'kind', we can make massive shifts in a beautiful direction.

We Strive To Inspire Big Shifts In Your Life

Our purpose here is to inspire big shifts in your life so you can have more flow + less fear. So you are able to move through tough times with grace. We want to help you create more self-love, clarity, connection, and passion. More empowerment less limitation. Claim your freedom. Increase your self worth. Learn to connect with what's truly important in your life + love yourself enough to live the life you truly desire. 

We Strive To Help You Build Your #KindLife Toolkit

We are going to provide you with tons of small, easy + simple tools/practices to add to your toolkit to use when you need a 'pick me up'. You have big dreams darling, and you can't reach them alone. No one can. That's why we need some tools in our toolkit to help us along the way.  

When we choose to fulfill our purposes, light our soul's on fire, nourish our mind's and bodies, choose more sustainable consumer goods, rid our homes of toxic chemicals, and aim to be the change we wish to see in the world, beautiful things happen in the universe.



Taylor Thompson, Daughter

Taylor loves connecting with people, watching movies, golfing, traveling, reading blogs, going to the farmer's market, taking walks in nature, and trying out new farm to table restaurants.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and proud. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach + a 'make it happen' girl, Taylor's purpose is to help people reach their highest potential, find their happiness, and live a beautiful + meaningful life. 

Stephany Thompson, Mother

Stephany’s background is in performing and visual arts management. She loves producing creative projects for her family, visiting cultural attractions, traveling, and using natural products for health + beauty.

She is passionate about products and services that give value to the consumer and also give back to the world.