Manifest Your Best Life

At times, you may feel that life is not going the way you hoped it would. And that’s ok, or is it? You may not be able to control outside events but the good news is that you CAN control the energy in your life. Are you ready to manifest your dream life? 

22 Bedtime Ritual Ideas

While a good morning ritual starts your day off right, a bedtime ritual will determine how well you sleep at night which means your morning will be even better! And quality sleep is essential and maybe the most important aspect of our health.

22 Morning Ritual Ideas

If morning is your friend, you may already have a morning ritual. If it's your enemy, then this post is for you! We can either choose to be tired and feel sluggish or we can choose to be happy and feel energetic! It's totally up to you! 

The 5 Second Rule

Lacking motivation, drive, or action in a certain area of your life? Probably, and I’m right there with you! There are things you know you need to be doing to have the life you want but the motivation and drive is just not there when you need to take action. So what do you do?

A Kind Gift Guide: For Her, Him + The Kiddos

When you buy kind items, whether for yourself or as gifts, you are truly making a positive difference in the world; securing American jobs, helping lift hard-working families in third world countries out of poverty and supporting their sustainable business, helping divert waste and recycled materials from landfills, and creating demand for better, safer overseas manufacturing factories. Long story short, it's a pretty big deal!