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There is a movement happening.

A movement of people wanting to live a more slow + authentic life. A life free from the everyday societal pressures. A healthy, happy, + impactful life. A life that feels good + that they dream of.

A ‘kind’ life.

A Kind Journey is our platform to inspire, guide, + support you on your unique + beautiful journey by being your go-to resource for mindful, impactful, and passion-filled living.

This platform was created for people seeking a beautiful + happy life, to give you the sustainable foundation, + the beautiful confidence your need to take control of their life in the way you want.

We do this because we know the struggle is real when it comes to living a truly happy life. In today’s society, it’s easy to feel lost + confused, to fall victim to excuses + misunderstood fears, to feel judged + alone when you’re expressing dreams + desires, but I’m here to help you shake things up + change the narrative. I'm dedicated to sharing our journey, our mistakes, our successes, + exactly what we’ve found on the other side of our kind journey so you can have a roadmap to true happiness. It is our passion to take beautiful souls from surviving to thriving in a simple, authentic, + fun way.

Live YOUR Best Life.

For Real.

Sometimes life is messy, confusing, exhausting + overwhelming, + that's where we come in. We want to help you achieve more flow + less fear, so you are able to move through tough times with grace. More self-love, clarity, connection, + passion. More empowerment + less limitation. We want to help you live healthy, increase your self worth, reclaim your freedom, connect with what's truly important in your life, + learn to love yourself enough to live the life you truly desire.

A Kind Journey is dedicated to giving you a sustainable foundation for YOUR ‘kind’ journey, filled with tons of simple + easy tools that you can add to your ‘Kind Toolkit’ so you can use them when you need a ‘pick me up’. You have big dreams darling, + you can't reach them alone. No one can. That's why you need a toolkit to help you along the way.

Our mindset, emotions, + lifestyle have an enormous influence on our health, our happiness, the community, the environment, + the world. We know that our intentional choices can cause a shift in these areas + that when we choose a 'kind' journey, we can make massive shifts in a very beautiful direction for ourselves, the people we surround ourselves with, + the world.

We are a modern + holistic lifestyle collective inspiring you to live your version of a beautiful life.


The Kind Brands

The Kind Brands is a collective that includes: A Kind Boutique, an online ethical fashion + lifestyle shop — A Kind Business, where Co-Founder Taylor mentors small businesses to ditch overwhelm by creating a simple, authentic, + purposeful strategy so they can grow their business with soul, — and A Kind Journey, a modern + holistic lifestyle brand that empowers + inspires people to live a beautiful life.


meet The Founders

Taylor Layne Thompson, Co-Founder of A Kind Journey | akindjourney.com #TheKindBrands


Taylor Thompson is a Midwest girl with a global heart. She is the multi-passionate co-founder behind The Kind Brands.

Prior to starting The Kind Brands with her mother + grandmother, Taylor spent 2 years in corporate America, feeling unfulfilled + lost. She knew there was something more for her so she took the leap into entrepreneurship. She found all she was looking for + began living her true purpose + passions.

Now, Taylor enjoys helping high-vibed, eco + wellness conscious, + spiritually-minded people find their power + ditch their limiting beliefs so they can start living a life they love. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach + a ‘make it happen’ girl, Taylor’s purpose is to help people reach their highest potential, find their happiness, + live a beautiful + meaningful life. 

In her free time Taylor loves connecting with people, watching movies, golfing, traveling, reading blogs, going to the farmer’s market, taking walks in nature, + trying out new farm to table restaurants.



Stephany has a BFA in Dance from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. For many years after college, she taught dance to children and was involved in various arts organizations and projects. From 2003 to 2012, she worked for the Willa Cather Foundation as the Director Programming where one of her duties was to manage the reopened Red Cloud Opera House and Gallery.

In 2014, she co-founded The Kind Brands with her daughter Taylor and spends most of her professional time promoting 'sweatshop free' products at A Kind Boutique. Stephany and her husband T have two grown children, Taylor and Jack, and currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska.