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14 Kind + Unique Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

14 Kind + Unique Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Sometimes shopping for mom is hard. Sometimes it’s very easy. But there are two things that are always a constant: showing appreciation is key + giving something unique is always a bonus.

In case you need a few unique Mother’s Day gift ideas, I’ve got ‘em! Note that some of these are physical gifts, some of them are digital, and some of them are even free!

Here are 14 unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

Clean The House for Mother's Day | #TheKindBrands

1 | Coupon For A Free House Cleaning

Even if mom says she doesn't want you to help, cashing in a coupon for a free house cleaning can always come in handy.

Breakfast In Bed for Mother's Day | #TheKindBrands

2 | Breakfast in Bed

Oh, baby, this is always a win!


3 | Succulents

For a little twist on traditional flowers, get her something unique like succulents. (Or really any other cool plant.)

Essential Oils For Mother's Day | #TheKindBrands

4 | Essential Oils

Our top picks: Lemon, Lavender, Deep Blue, or Whisper. (Note: It's important to get a good quality essential oil otherwise it can have negative effects. Email us for the brands we recommend.)

Mother's Day Gift Card | #TheKindBrands

5 | Gift Card For A Shopping Adventure

Gift cards always fit. 

6 | Pure Soy Candle (Red Ferne + Blood Orange or Sweet Tobacco)

Something unique, all natural + that gives an experience.

7 | Fair Trade Soft Scarf

Soft & beautiful this scarf may be worn all year long! 

8 | A Handmade Talengo Chevron Bracelet

In Swahili, the word for party is talengo. Celebrate Kenya’s vibrant culture with this bracelet, a slimmer new take on the bestselling Talengo Bracelets.

9 | The Love, Peace + Creativity Crystal Set

She can carry these in her pocket, hold them in her hand, or place around her house to promote an atmosphere of LOVE + PEACE + CREATIVITY!

    10 | The ABLE Cuff

    This piece of jewelry is handmade in Nashville, TN by a woman who has overcome great challenges, ranging from homelessness to prostitution to addiction. 

    11 | Handmade Emnet Pouch

    Perfect in size and versatile in function, the Emnet Zippered Pouch will keep all of her essentials organized. Carry it alone as a clutch or she can stash it inside her tote and she'll never again wonder where your keys or chapstick are hiding. What a useful gift! (Handcrafted in Ethiopia.)

    12 | Sustainable Bamboo Sunglasses

    We are in love with these! Fashion with a purpose, Panda sunglasses are handcrafted from sustainable bamboo and come with a complimentary cloth pouch and a bamboo case. 

    13 | The Wander Layered Crystal Necklace

    Everyone loves a druzy! Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral. It is beautiful when used in jewelry. 

      Spend Time for Mother's Day | #TheKindBrands

      14 | Spend Time Only

      Don't plan anything at all + don't get her a gift. Just ask her the morning of what exactly she wants to do that day, then make it happen. While it may sound "last minute" it can be fun + spontaneous.


      I hope you found a great gift idea for the mom in your life whether on this list or another. Either way, make sure to show some sort of appreciation + gratitude.

      Use the code 'FREESHIP' at checkout for Free Shipping!

      What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas?

      Share them with us in the comments below.

      14 Kind + Unique Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day | #TheKindBrands | Mother's Day Gift Ideas
      14 Kind + Unique Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day | #TheKindBrands | Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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