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15 Kind Travel Essentials

15 Kind Travel Essentials

15 Kind Travel Essentials | A Kind Journey | #TheKindBrands #KindAdventure

After spending the last couple years traveling extra hard + being someone who likes to travel lightly BUT with all my wellness goodies, it’s often been a challenge. However, the last few trips, I’ve taken the time to narrow down what the absolute kind essentials are.

Here are my 15 kind travel essentials:

1 | Activated Charcoal

Charcoal supplements are perfect to have around for those times you need an extra boost in detoxing. Like when you’ve drank a little too much alcohol or haven’t ate the greatest. I get my charcoal from Thrive!

2 | Balance Superfood Shot (Both of them!)

In absolute love with these travel buddy babes. They are an excellent addition to your travel essentials so you don’t have to worry about getting in all those fruits + veggies while you’re on the go, you can just take your superfood shots! Also, they are TSA approved + don’t need to stay refrigerated. (Use code TAYLOR50 at checkout for 50% off your first subscription!)

3 | Essential Oils (On Guard, PastTense, Lavender)

While at home I have a drawer full of oils, I can’t take them all with me. And I must accept that. What I’ve noticed are the oils i use or need the most while traveling and that’s On Guard (for immune system), PastTense (for those travel tension headaches that spur on outta nowhere), and lavender (for when I need to calm the heck down or sleep well).

4 | Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer

I feel like this is self-explanatory.

5 | Servello Wake Up Eye Cream

Most of the time when I’m traveling, I’m not getting quality sleep and without a doubt, it always adds some extra bags under my eyes. This completely natural eye cream is my absolute favorite to actually look awake + rested.

6 | Teas

I’m not a coffee drinker, but even if you are, this one’s still a good idea cuz guess what? If you don’t want to spend the money on a drink somewhere OR you wanna relish in the health benefits of drinking tea while you’re on vacay, most places will give you hot water. For free! Yes, airplanes, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. You can find hot water anywhere and even most places will give you a lemon to add to it. So just pack your favorite bags of tea in your purse to keep handy!

7 | Supplements

Multi-Vitamin: Obvs it’s best to stay on top of this! (Use code TAYLOR50 for 50% off at checkout!)

Vitamin D: Even if you’re heading to the beach, a consistent Vitamin D supplement is always a good idea.

Focus + Energy: Remember when I mentioned that sometimes trips are not for sleeping, umm yeah, so sometimes your energy may be dragging. This Focus + Energy supplement is a great way to feel more energized during your vacay. (Use code TAYLOR50 for 50% off at checkout!)

Natural Calm: Whether you need a boost to help you sleep or you’ve been super active on your travels, Natural Calm (aka magnesium) is an amazing addition to your travel essentials.

DigestZen Tabs: An all natural stomach reliever. For all those times when you eat a little too much or eat the wrong things + need help ASAP!

8 | Crystals

If you’re not super into this, it’s totally ok. But I’m an energy + vibes kinda gal so I love little reminders like crystals. Malachite’s purpose is to be the guardian for travelers, Shungite is great for neutralizing EMFs, Moonstones are also great for guarding travelers + helping keep them uplifted, and Amethyst is perfect for helping repel negative energy (which is sometimes everywhere when you travel). These are just a few of my favorites. (Use code TAYLOR10 at checkout for 10% off!)

9 | Hair Volumizer

I didn’t know what I was missing in my hair routine but I knew it was something. Until this beauty came into my life. It’s compact enough to fit into my purse. And if I’m flying, I just put it in a small glass spray bottle. Whether your hair is wet or dry you can just spray a little bit on and tousle your locks around a bit and wait for it to bring your hair back to life after all your adventures.

10 | Sunglasses

Always lovin’ on these ethically made, bamboo shades. (Use code TAYLOR10 at checkout for 10% off!)

11 | Passport Wallet + Matching Crossbody + Tote

My absolutely travel trio. Whether I need my passport or not I use my Passport Wallet as my actual wallet. Then I pair it with the tote for car + airplane travel, and the crossbody for out + about day to day exploring. They go with everything + they are ethically made! (Use code TAYLOR10 at checkout for 10% off!)

12 | Dry Shampoo

Finally finding this all natural dry shampoo for both dry locks (and light locks) has had me all sorts of giddy! I love this product so much + is so handy to have while traveling. AND since it’s not an aerosol spray, it’s TSA approved! (Use code KIND10 for 10% off!)

13 | Cucumber Face Spray

All those times when you’re traveling + you just wanna be cooled off + refreshed?! Yup, this will be your BFF. I love this little guy even for colder destinations too because it’s soooo refreshing! (Use code TAYLOR10 at checkout for 10% off!)

14 | BC Makeup For Quick Touch Ups

I’ve always got these non-toxic beauty favorites in my bag ready to go!

Mascara | Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage | Brow Pencil | Cream Blush | Lip Gloss

Side note: These were the only makeup items I took with me on my 10 day Iceland trip. They worked wonderfully!

15 | Clean + Safe Skincare Travel Set

Snag the travel sizes of your favorite non-toxic skincare essentials here.

I didn’t list sunscreen on here because I actually don’t really wear sunscreen, but when I do, it’s definitely the Beautycounter Sunscreen. It works wonderfully + is SAFE from toxic chemicals!

*Please note that this article contains affiliate links. I only promote what I use + truly believe in.*

What are your favorite travel essentials?

Share in the comments below!

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