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17 Things To Stop Doing If You Want A Kind Holiday Season

17 Things To Stop Doing If You Want A Kind Holiday Season

Oh yes, it is. It's a 'not to do' list.

We often prioritize all the things we 'must do' for the holidays (or any other time of the year), but we forget that it's equally important to prioritize the things we definitely DON'T want to do.

No reason to fret, because we've put that list together for you!

Here are 17 things to stop doing this holiday season if you want to have a kind + beautiful time:

  1. Stressing. Relax, everything will be wonderful. Believe it to be so.

  2. Being busy. Don't confuse busy with important.

  3. Spending your precious time with toxic people.

  4. Moving so fast. Slow down.

  5. Letting societal norms, expectations, and pressures influence you.

  6. Spending money you don't have.

  7. Frowning. Frowning is like smiling in that it's contagious.

  8. Relying on old traditions. Go with what you want!

  9. Taking care of everyone else but yourself.

  10. Believing that more is better. A majority of the time, less is more.

  11. Letting your environment go.

  12. Ignoring your beautiful body. 

  13. Wasting time and energy to get the best deal.

  14. Giving negative meaning. Everything is neutral, we are the ones that give it meaning.

  15. Trying to be perfect. It's not worth it.

  16. Feeling obligated and giving into the "should's".

  17. Forgetting the things most important to you.

Our hope for you darling is to have a beautiful + kind holiday season. One you truly desire.

xoxo, Taylor Layne

What's on your 'not do' list this holiday season? What would you like to rid your life of so that you can have a better holiday experience?

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