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22 Morning Ritual Ideas

22 Morning Ritual Ideas

If morning is your friend, you may already have a morning ritual. If it's your enemy, then this post is for you! We can either choose to be tired and feel sluggish or we can choose to be happy and feel energetic! It's totally up to you! Create a morning ritual that is in alignment with your goals and works with your rhythm and mornings will become the best part of your day!


First . . . you may want to stay away from these downers . . . the morning news, a big ‘carb’ filled breakfast, too much caffeine, sleeping in (or hitting the snooze), and/or hanging out in bed on your phone. Whew, those are out of the way so let’s start creating a sacred and soulful experience!

Here are 22 ideas for your morning ritual:

  1. drink a glass of warm lemon water . . . to get your digestive system going. (+ a dash of turmeric or cayenne pepper if you want to be a rockstar!)
  2. wake up earlier than usual.
  3. scrape your tongue . . . to get rid of toxins.
  4. oil pull . . . trust us. :)
  5. stretch or do yoga.
  6. dry brush . . . to remove toxins.
  7. ‘rebound’ or jump 100 times.
  8. make a green drink . . . by juicing or blending veggies.
  9. deep breathe . . . to get your oxygen flowing.
  10. use non-toxic beauty products . . . to get a healthy glow (and smell great too!)
  11. listen to your favorite uplifting songs.
  12. send a loving text to someone.
  13. ‘morning pages’ . . . journal anything that comes to mind for a few minutes.
  14. smile at yourself in the mirror for 15 seconds . . . we know, it's awkward at first but the more you do this the more you will treat yourself with kindness.
  15. meditate and/or practice gratitude.
  16. indulge in aromatherapy . . . to boost your mood and energy.
  17. go for a walk . . . even if it’s short.
  18. listen to an educational podcast . . . to get your brain going.
  19. read a book or magazine.
  20. work on a creative project . . . cause morning is the best time.
  21. use social media for something positive . . . send an inspiring tweet.
  22. choose a positive mantra for the day . . . ‘I will stay in peace today’!

What is your morning ritual? What are some things you just can’t live without in your morning routine? 

If you don’t have one, what are some things you’re going to try?

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22 Morning Ritual Ideas | #TheKindBrands #MorningRituals
22 Morning Ritual Ideas | #TheKindBrands #MorningRituals
22 Morning Ritual Ideas | #TheKindBrands #MorningRituals
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