22 Non Traditional Valentine Date Ideas

22 Non Traditional Valentine Date Ideas | akindjourney.com #TheKindBrands

Love is in the air and it’s time for some romance. How many times is ‘dinner and a movie’ your go-to date? Probably most. We want to step outside the box and create some non-traditional date ideas in case you want to switch things up!

Here are 22 non-traditional date ideas for any time of the year.

  1. Take a dance class.
  2. Instead of dinner, have brunch.
  3. Go back to where you first met. Reminiscence and story tell.
  4. Hit the gym.
  5. Go on a soul stroll. Carve out a couple hours in your schedule, leave your phones at home and walk in whatever direction you want. Don’t be afraid to get lost.
  6. Go on a brewery or winery tour. Learn about a small local business while taking part in some delicious beverages.
  7. You know all those things on your list you keep saying you need to get done and errands you need to run? Yeah, do them with your significant other. It may not be the ideal date but you can take your time, do it stress-free, and you will feel so accomplished after.
  8. Buy one of those 3000 piece puzzles, get a bottle of wine, and enjoy!
  9. Go on a random road trip for the weekend. Leave the map at home (don’t turn on that nav), drive far and take some weird turns. See where you end up. I promise it will be an adventure.
  10. Cook a 5-course meal together. (Thank goodness for Pinterest!) 
  11. Be tourists in your own town.
  12. Choose something from your bucket list and do it together.
  13. Have a game night, just the two of you.
  14. Spend an afternoon volunteering for one of your favorite non-profits.
  15. 2 words - laser tag.
  16. #NetflixAndChill - find a TV show and binge watch it.
  17. Go on a progressive dinner date. Have pre-dinner cocktails somewhere, then walk to a different place for appetizers, another place for dinner, and finish at another restaurant for dessert.
  18. Go camping for a night. Even if it’s right in your backyard.
  19. Tap into your inner architect and build a lego town or starship.
  20. Complete a ‘fun’ house project together.
  21. Make a life list. Put together a realistic and equally ambitious bucket list of things you want to do together and places you want to go.
  22. Skip the date night all together and put the money you would have spent in an adventure jar.

Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to spend quality time with your loved one. Be present, connect, and turn off your phones. We know you love to read all of our social media posts but we also want you to pay attention to your honey.

What's your favorite date idea? Tell us in the comments below!