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22 Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Ethical Fashion

22 Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Ethical Fashion

We love fashion + style but there is a hidden cost. Fast fashion is extremely harmful to our health, our global economy, and the environment. When we learned of all of this, we decided to take action, make a difference and start a kind boutique. By making better buying decisions, we can make a great impact AND look fabulous!

But . . . in case you’re not convinced that ethical fashion is amazing, here are 22 reasons to fall head over heels in love with it:

  1. Your beautiful body will thank you. You will feel so good wearing ethical fashion
  2. It will make you less stressed. You will have less items in your closet and much better quality pieces so every time you enter your closet it will make you feel at peace. And picking out your outfits will be more fun!
  3. You will sleep better. Knowing you are doing good for yourself, others and the environment will ensure a better, more relaxed sleep.
  4. It helps lower carbon emissions. There are numerous moving parts of the manufacturing processes and all sorts of transportation that our clothing and products go through before they end up in your hands. This uses lots of energy and emits large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. As demand increases for cheap clothes, so does the need for more factories. Large manufacturing countries such as China and Bangladesh have nearly no emission regulations which has unfortunately led to a very steep increase in air pollution.
  5. It helps create sustainable business and helps the economy. These days, shoppers are reaching for what is cheap. In order for companies to be able to sell their products at such a low price, they have to pay their workers extremely low, almost always, unfair wage. Many companies have to take their manufacturing overseas so they can get cheap labor. By paying workers unfair wages, it is creating more poverty.
  6. It helps prevent poverty. We believe that the solutions to ending poverty lie in creating economic opportunity. Products were made by artisans and workers employed in developing countries that are given sustainable employment opportunities which has the potential to permanently lift people out of poverty.
  7. It provides sustainable jobs. Lasting change happens when we move beyond charity and focus on providing jobs.
  8. It saves water. The fashion industry uses and wastes an insane amount of water which is very bad, especially when water is a finite precious resource. That water could be used for more essential things, like drinking, bathing, and growing food.
  9. It promotes dignity and pride amongst workers.
  10. It helps preserve local craft. Ethical fashion workers are hired and utilized for their unique skill.
  11. You will save money. Ethical fashion pieces may seem more expensive than Old Navy but are less expensive than Gucci or COACH.
  12. It’s not always easy, and we like that.
  13. You will be healthier. In 2012, Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign exposed many clothing companies and the harmful chemicals that were found in their clothing. Out of 141 items of clothing from 20 different brands, they found high levels of toxic phthalates, azo dyes, and nonylphenol Ethoxylates that all release cancer-causing amines. (Greenpeace) Not only are these chemicals contaminating our waterways and vegetation, they are also causing cancer and disrupting hormones.
  14. It’s good for the planet. Made using high-quality natural fibers and materials that are sustainable and responsibly harvested. The natural fibers must be renewable and biodegradable.
  15. It will make you more wordly. Learning about all of the different aspects of ethical fashion will make you more conversational and empowered as a person. You will feel like you can take on anything.
  16. It’s fashionable. Ethical fashion doesn’t mean tie dye, bandanas, and grody jeans. That is the farthest from the truth. Ethical fashion are beautiful and stylish!
  17. You are supporting fair labor conditions. Jobs in the fashion industry are very sought after, but do we think about the positions at the bottom of the totem pole? We’re not talking about the fashion intern that has to get the designers coffee, we’re talking about those that work in the factories that make the clothes. A large majority of workers in the fashion industry across the world face a daily grind of excessive hours, forced overtime, poor health, exhaustion, sexual harassment, denial of trade unions, poverty wages, lack of job security, and mental stress.
  18. Ethical fashion pieces are one of a kind. Since it’s made in a lower quantity, many of the pieces have their own quirks and features to it.
  19. It will make you more knowledgeable about the fashion industry.
  20. You are saving waste.  In the current industry, it is common for “great” fashion finds to be cheap in cost to consumers because they are made so poorly that they are not made to last for more than one season. When this happens, items are quickly making their way to the landfill.
  21. You will find peace and happiness in your purchases instead of temporary fulfillment.
  22. It will help you consciously build a life you’re proud of.

What are your thoughts? Why do you love ethical fashion?

Tell us in the comments!

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22 Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Ethical Fashion | #TheKindBrands
22 Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Ethical Fashion | #TheKindBrands
22 Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Ethical Fashion | #TheKindBrands
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