22 Ways To Have A ‘Kind’ Wedding

Your wedding should be a day that is reflective of your whole heart and soul and should be in line with your conscious lifestyle.

So think outside the box and have a ‘kind’ wedding. It will be good for the environment, your bank account, your guests, and most of all for you and your fiancé!

  1. Focus on reducing, repurposing, and reusing. This is self-explanatory!
  2. Choose a venue or a site with significance. Opt for a botanical garden, art gallery, museum, or a cultural organization. Inquire about how they are going to use the rental fee. Hopefully, it will help fund new programs and at the very least it should go to a general operating fund.
  3. Decorate with bamboo or reused wood for a modern/rustic decor option. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable materials on earth and reused wood is well, you know, reused.
  4. Light non-toxic, soy candles. Candles aren’t just romantic but also energy efficient.
  5. Think about your transportation. Can you carpool? Do you really need the limo or party bus? You can get pretty creative with this.
  6. Look for organic, local, and seasonal flowers. This helps mitigate the use of pesticides and chemicals.
  7. Save trees and use e-vites or recycled paper for your invitations. This can also help save on the cost.
  8. Use seedlings, herbs, or succulents as your party favors. They are unique and usable.
  9. Use reusable napkins, glasses, silverware, plates, containers, and more. You don’t need to buy them. You can rent them or buy them used or thrifted.
  10. Buy (or borrow) a used wedding dress or upcycle a vintage wedding dress.
  11. Do you really need to invite hundreds of people on your special day? Maybe it is best to invite fewer people like the ones who truly care for you and your fiancé.
  12. Pick a color for your bridesmaid's dresses and encourage them to find something in their closet or borrow one from a friend. This way they save money and will be wearing a style that looks great on them and that they feel comfortable in.
  13. You can’t control what your guests do but you can tell them in the invitations that you are making efforts to have a ‘kind’ wedding. This will challenge them (in a positive way) to dress and consume more mindfully.
  14. When it comes to your registry, there is always a more eco-friendly version of the products you are looking for. Pay special attention to where products are made and how they are sourced. Better yet, don’t register. You most likely don’t need anything - and if you do, you can thrift it or find it used!
  15. Ask your guests to donate to a charity (or two) of your choice in lieu of physical gifts that you don’t need. 
  16. For your photography, go digital and only print the photos you absolutely want to have a physical copy of. You can always print more at a later date.
  17. Opt for eco-friendly rings. Look for recycled gold and gemstones that are fair labor. When looking for diamonds ask your jeweler about the where and how it was sourced. Click here to learn about ‘conflict’ diamonds.
  18. Use local vendors. You will be supporting your local economy and it lowers transportation emissions.
  19. Much like the criteria for ‘kind’ flowers, choose organic, local, and seasonal food to serve at the reception. Yes, this will definitely be more costly but remember #11.
  20. Go on a ‘kind’ honeymoon! Search for eco-tourism spots such as Alaska, Costa Rica, or the Dominican Republic. These areas tend to respect the environment and put effort into preservation and conservation projects.
  21. When your wedding is over, donate everything - the dress, the decorations, all of it! You will be ridding yourself of clutter and helping someone else have a beautiful day. 
  22. Remember why you are doing this. On average, a wedding produces 400-600 lbs of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. That is pretty awful. You can make a big difference in the world by choosing to make your wedding ‘kind.’


Be brave and let go of others ideas of what a wedding has to be. Yes, it will be difficult when you have to tell Aunt Kathy she can’t buy you that set of (slave labor) sheets that she’s given to all of your cousins. Or when you don’t have a traditional wedding dance and your neighbors are upset they can’t do the alligator. Don’t live someone else’s life. This is your day and your time to be joyous and creative! You will be giving permission to countless others to be themselves and think outside the box too! 

We love you, have a beautiful wedding babe!

xoxo, Taylor

Would you consider having a ‘kind’ wedding? What other tips do you have to create a ‘kind’ wedding?

Tell us in the comments below.