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22 Ways To Save Money For Travel (Or Anything Else You’re Dreaming Of)

22 Ways To Save Money For Travel (Or Anything Else You’re Dreaming Of)

Let's cut to the chase.

We don't want you to play the 'I'll do it someday' or the 'it would be nice but it's too expensive' game when dealing with your hopes and dreams. Sometimes we 'let' life get in the way of what we want to actually do. Our travels and bucket list items get pushed off because it's too expensive.

We don't want this to be you. 

Traveling is expensive but it's so incredibly worth it. Traveling is a wonderful way to invest in yourself. When you travel, you grow as a person and learn about yourself along the way.


We feel your pain ($$$) so we’ve got 22 ways to save money for your travels:

  1. Discover your why. Understanding why you want to travel can help you get clear on what kind of travel you want. And make sure you are traveling for the right reasons. For instance, travel to grow, see and discover and don’t travel for vanity or to show off.
  2. Get organized with your finances. How much money is coming in, how much is going out, and how much can you afford to set aside for travel? Setting up a separate bank account can help you stay organized.
  3. Do some research on your adventure wish list and price things out. Doing this after getting your finances organized can help you make the distinction between travel that you can take with less than $1000 and travel that will be $3000+. This way, you can start planning out if you can take 4 small trips a year, or 1 big trip, or 1 big trip and 2 small trips.
  4. Get a budget and stick to it. I know I know, it’s the most cliche thing to do when talking about saving money but I promise you, it will help!
  5. Set a bottom line amount that you want to set aside each month. Figure out what the bare minimum amount is that you can save and still travel and also come up with your ideal number. Having these 2 numbers will help motivate you to save for the low number and strive to save for the bigger number.
  6. Set realistic but challenging goals. After setting the amounts you want to save, put a time limit on it. Having a ticking clock will help motivate you to meet that goal and maybe even exceed it.
  7. Create a money jar (or piggy bank). Put all your extra cash and coins in the jar and cash it in right before your trip for some extra fun money.
  8. Cut out a few things that are bad for you. A lot of habits we have are not usually good for us health wise or money wise. Getting that morning coffee at Starbucks, eating out, shopping, drinking at bars, driving excessively, and others probably are not the best for our health or our wallet. Start by breaking one habit at a time and you will slowly start to see more money in your bank account. (Disclaimer: make sure you’re not picking up new bad habits as you stop old ones.)
  9. Meal plan + cook at home. By meal planning effectively, you are ensuring you use all of your food so you have less waste, plus eating at home is much more cost effective than dining out and ending up with a $18+ tab.
  10. Skip the last drink with your friends. We aren’t saying you should stop going out with friends, but when you do, try and save a little each time. When your friends say last drink for the night, skip it and opt for water. It will help save you money and a bad headache.
  11. Pick up some extra work. There are tons of things you could do to earn some extra money for your travel. Make some homemade items and sell them, pick up a part-time or seasonal job, ask your friends and family if they need any chores done that they could pay you a little for.
  12. Opt for second hand. Really need to buy something? Try and find it secondhand before you go reaching for the brand new, unsustainable thing.
  13. Say no. We over exert ourselves every day and we could all find a lot of peace in slowing down. Help yourself mentally, physically, and financially and just say no to all the things that don’t feel good.
  14. Identity wants vs needs vs likes. What are the things you want on a daily basis? What are the things you need? What are the things you like having or doing but don’t add as much value as the “wants” do? Eliminate the likes, limit the wants, and fill your needs.
  15. Regularly visualizing your adventures will help you save money. Visualizing adventures before you purchase will help save you money and clutter.
  16. Enjoy the little things. Need to get out of the house but don’t want to spend money? Don’t underestimate the amazing benefits of walking or inviting a friend over and just chat.
  17. Go vegetarian. No, not forever (unless you want to). Cutting out meat will definitely help you save money. Even if you can’t go completely veg, try doing 1-2 days a week or 7-10 meals a week vegetarian.
  18. Reduce + renegotiate your bills. Check in with your bill situation and see where you could save money or cut costs. Call your insurance provider, cable company, electric company, and others to see if they have any deals going on or if you qualify for any discounts.
  19. Sell items. Go around your home and pick out 20 items and sell them. I bet you will find even more than 20. It’s a great way to declutter and pick up some extra cash.
  20. Write a list every time you go shopping or need something and stick to the list. This will help you from making impulse purchases.
  21. Make gifts instead of buying them. Someone’s birthday coming up? Get creative and hand make them something. This will be cheaper and much more thoughtful than buying them something new.
  22. Think about downsizing. If you are really serious about traveling more, the biggest way to save a lot of money is to downsize your big stuff. Car, wardrobe, home/apartment, decor, your commitments, and more.

There are so many other ways to help you save money for travel, just start thinking about life in a new way. When you spend money or time on something, think if that thing is going to hold you back from traveling or doing what you really want. If the answer is no, great! If it’s yes, then you may need to do some thinking.

Remember to stay motivated with visuals. Be diligent and determined in your spending and saving. Now, let's book your next adventure.

xoxo, Taylor

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