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5 Common Happiness Myths + 38 Tips To Guide You On Your Journey

5 Common Happiness Myths + 38 Tips To Guide You On Your Journey

Ahh, happiness.

The thing we most desire.

The thing we will do almost anything for.

The thing we will (sometimes literally) travel to the ends of the Earth to find.

The thing that seems so incredibly easy to obtain and keep but for some reason is difficult to find and once we get it, it seems as though it's gone all too fast.

We're debunking 5 common happiness myths AND giving you 38 ways to guide you on your happiness journey today!


5 Common Happiness Myths

1. Happiness is in the future. It’s coming.

Often when we think of happiness, we think of something in the future like a vacation you’re wanderlusting about, or a future spouse you’re in search for, or a promotion, or that designer purse you’ve been itching to splurge on, or that big house in the country you’ve been dreaming about. We easily fall victim to always looking into the future. But happiness can also be found in our daily lives. Even in small ways. Happiness is not something to plan for in the future - it’s something to design into the present.

2. Happiness can be found in material things.

A lot of times we try to seek happiness in things. Shopping sprees make us happy, owning cold things make us happy, collecting things make us happy, but there is little correlation between happiness and stuff. Don't let your happiness depend on something you can lose. Happiness is in our experiences.

3. Happiness comes from good values, solid goals, and beautiful dreams.

Happiness | #TheKindBrands

It’s also common for think that having good values, solid goals, and beautiful dreams will make us happy. And while that doesn’t sound so bad, our values, goals, and dreams aren’t what makes us happy, aligning our actions with our values, goals, and dreams are makes us happy.

4. Happiness is too far away. It’s too hard to seek, it’ll happen someday.

Lastly, it seems as though we have a highway to sadness + un-fulfillment but a hilly, dirt road to happiness. Happiness is much more simple than we believe it to be.

5. Happiness is a destination.

Chasing happiness is an endless pursuit. It’s a practice. It’s a learning process. It’s a journey. And we want your happiness journey to be a kind one.


When it comes down to it, the simplest way to describe happiness is that it’s is a byproduct of an authentic, intention, meaningful, and beautiful life.


With all that in mind, we wanted to put together a list of 38 tips to guide you on your happiness journey. Pick a few to focus on and see if it brightens your day and contributes to your happiness.

38 tips to guide you on your happiness journey: 

  1. Reprioritize things that aren’t bringing you happiness, fulfillment, meaning, and excitement with the things that will.
  2. Indulge in a gratitude practice.
  3. When things get tough, the quickest way to happiness is to let go.
  4. Do more things that you enjoy.
  5. Do less of the things you don’t enjoy.
  6. Stop procrastinating on the life you want and take action.
  7. Plan for success.
  8. Make the choices every day to stay in alignment with your values.
  9. Know that you can have your dream life.
  10. Do the work.
  11. Release the 'power' of societal norms and what society thinks you 'should' be doing and how you 'should' live your life.
  12. Question the status quo and what you want out of this life.
  13. Be grateful for the way things happen.
  14. Set some goals.
  15. Do what you deep down think is the right thing.
  16. Dream big.
  17. Start small.
  18. Say “no” to more “shoulds”.
  19. Be the smile you want to see in your world.
  20. Persevere: pick up something you gave up on.
  21. Tell someone your dreams and desires.
  22. Stop caring what other people think.
  23. Create your bucket list.
  24. Create a vision board.
  25. Make someone else happy.
  26. Find your passion + purpose.
  27. Move forward in your purpose.
  28. Prioritize your purpose.
  29. Share your gifts, skills, and knowledge.
  30. Share your ideas, your process, and your purpose with the world.
  31. Build your own 'yes' when you're told 'no'.
  32. Live your truth.
  33. Be yourself. Not someone else.
  34. Follow your heart.
  35. Express yourself completely.
  36. Give your ideas and dreams the focus and attention they deserve.
  37. Live unapologetically.
  38. Spend the time to get to know yourself + your true desires.


Start making your happiness a priority.

Being and radiating happiness is one of the best things you can do for humanity because when you put your happiness and your positive vibes out into the world it makes the world's vibration go up.

Have you made your happiness a priority? Where in your life are you denying yourself happiness? Are you in a committed relationship with happiness?

Every choice we make and commitment we have is a choice and by doing it, we are making it a priority.

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