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58 Kind Wellness Tips You Can Start Now

58 Kind Wellness Tips You Can Start Now

Often we get so overwhelmed by the all of the things that we “should” do for a healthier life and forget that moving forward and taking baby steps is all that matters. As long as we’re moving towards a healthier life it doesn’t matter how fast we go.


I see a lot of people making the mistake of trying to completely rehaul their entire lifestyle and change everything the same day. This sets you up for failure. You’re very likely to just get stressed, upset with yourself, overwhelmed, etc.

The second mistake I see people make is that they feel they need everything to be perfect and if it’s not perfect then you might as well not try. If one of your healthy habits is to drink a green smoothie every morning and you forget to drink one on Saturday then don’t let that stop you from having one on Sunday. You don’t need everything to be perfect. The most important thing is that you keep going no matter how many times you fall down.

With all that in mind, we wanted to put together a list of 58 small + easy things you can do to live a healthier life and enhance the quality of your life.

Pick your favorites and get started. Once you’ve mastered those, then pick a few more and keep going.

  1. Opt for cold showers or just make the last 1 minute of your shower cold.

  2. Replace refined, white carbohydrates for whole grains.

  3. Swap your second and third cups of coffee with some green tea.

  4. Replace whole grains for nuts and seeds.

  5. Eliminate processed foods.

  6. Cover half your plate with vegetables.

  7. Count nutrients, ingredients, and chemicals, not calories.

  8. Choose grass-fed meat and dairy.

  9. Give in to some of your guilty pleasures.

  10. Opt for an avocado instead of sauce on your food.

  11. Set a reminder on your phone to get up from your chair every hour to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing.

  12. Have one vegan meal a week.

  13. Have one grain free meal a week.

  14. Have one dairy free meal a week.

  15. Educate yourself.

  16. Start your mornings with a green smoothie. (Depending on your recipe, you could knock out all 3 things above.)

  17. Master the art of power napping.

  18. Rest often.

  19. Craft a morning routine.

  20. And a bedtime one.

  21. Limit your alcohol intake by mastering the art of mocktails.

  22. Be aware of your posture.

  23. Don’t be afraid to have snacks.

  24. Drink some green juice.

  25. Or do a juice cleanse!

  26. Prioritize your well-being.

  27. Meditate.

  28. Choose dark, organic, fair trade chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

  29. Try a Whole30 Challenge.

  30. Chew your food well.

  31. Add essential oils to your wellness routine.

  32. Eat breakfast.

  33. Maintain a holistic view on health.

  34. Have more sex.

  35. Eat out less.

  36. Add fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha to your diet.

  37. Give your body the gift of high quality, nutritious AND delicious food.

  38. Drink more water. (plain water)

  39. Stay as consistent as you can while still having fun + being flexible.

  40. Eat seasonally.

  41. Laugh. A lot.

  42. Stay away from skin care containing harsh abrasives, chemical preservatives, and synthetic fragrance.

  43. Start your morning with hot water and fresh lemon.

  44. Choose wild caught fish instead of farm-raised.

  45. Add more dark leafy greens to your daily diet.

  46. Don't fear aging.

  47. Choose organic food over non-organic.

  48. Swap out one snack for an apple or raw veggies.

  49. Find a healthy version of your most favorite dessert.

  50. Avoid foods that are ‘diet’ foods.

  51. Don’t rely on caffeine daily.

  52. Avoid ‘sugar-free’ foods. (It’s usually made with artificial sweeteners)

  53. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

  54. Move more, exercise less.

  55. Be and stay positive.

  56. Stretch your body.

  57. Replace your table salt with pink salt.

  58. Get plenty of zzzzz’s.

Obviously, there are so many more wonderful things you can start now to enhance your health but we chose these to get you started!

Love, Taylor

What are your favorite things to do for a healthy life?

Tell us in the comments below.

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58 Kind Wellness Tips You Can Start Now | #TheKindBrands #KindWellness
58 Kind Wellness Tips You Can Start Now | #TheKindBrands #KindWellness
58 Kind Wellness Tips You Can Start Now | #TheKindBrands #KindWellness
58 Kind Wellness Tips You Can Start Now | #TheKindBrands #KindWellness

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