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6+ Simple Time Management Tips

6+ Simple Time Management Tips

6+ Simple Time Management Tips | A Kind Journey | #TheKindBrands

Here’s the bottom line: Time is our MOST precious resource.


It’s finite.

The time that was spent doing things that we don’t like, or things that took us way too long to do we cannot get back.

Now, before you panic + dive into a deep dark hole forever (please don’t do that), let me tell you this. There are ways to actually control your time. To spend it how you want. To have the perception of stretching time.

I will show you my magical time stretching ways . . . but first . . .


We gotta bust through those time misconceptions + myths before we can actually move forward. Otherwise, we are trying to build blocks of new habits on top of an already cracked foundation. (Yikes!)

For the purpose of this article, I’m covering Step 0.5 of the “Kind Time Mindset” topic. Which is plenty to get you started!

The #1 time management myth that I hear all too often is that we never have enough time to do everything we have to do.

Bummer, right?! Wrong!
Instead, we actually control our time. We are as busy as we allow ourselves to be.

You have the power to be busy or not to be busy.

You have the power to spend your time on what you want + with the people you want. Or you can absolutely spend it on things that you don’t enjoy + with people you don’t really like all that much.

It’s totally your choice.

(In case I lost ya, you may have questions. As always, let me know in the comments below!)
Now that we covered the mindset portion, onto the tips + tricks to stretch your time a bit.


1 | Avoid multitasking.

For way to long, multitasking has often been praised. Some even wear it like a badge of honor. However, the lack of focus can lead to mistakes and slower productivity overall. We lose productivity when our mind switches between things too quickly. And it makes time go by super fast, in a not good way. For example, have you had days where you multitasked all day long and someone asked you what you did that day and you have absolutely no idea? Yeah, that’s what multitasking can do to your brain. It’s time to flex your focus muscle by managing one project at a time. In the beginning, it may seem as though you’re going super slow, but you’re really not!

2 | Plan to plan.

You’re either super excited or super bored at the fact I just listed planning as one of my 6 tips. I totally get it, but if you’re bummed, just hear me out. An extra 30 minutes may seem unnecessary to organize and prioritize your week, but it will help increase productivity. An example is that if you know you need to go to multiple places to run errands, then why don’t you go at once instead of one per day. It will save time, gas, and a future headache! Or if you know you need to get groceries, then you can plan by making a list for the trip to avoid having to go back a second time that week. Or if you know that you have to be at the office an extra hour early on Thursday, then you probably won’t get up at 4:30am to workout, so maybe move the work out to the evening instead of panicking at the last minute and just not doing it. Having all of this planned out at the beginning of the week saves energy, frees up brain space, and voids you of potential future stress. Instead, you can be more present + focused on just the things for that specific day because “past you” already took care of all the planning. Ahh, feels oh so good!

3 | Prioritize your calendar + to do list.

  • Write down all your tasks + activities for that week or month.

  • Understand the purpose of each item. If you don’t really know the purpose or it’s not a good one, just go ahead and ditch that one right away.

  • Assign each thing a priority level. (High, Medium, Low) Then tag each one with either Flexible or Timely. Then assign a time commitment to it. Always prioritize High priority items, then medium, then low. When push comes to shove, delete low priority items + push off flexible items to the next week. And set yourself a timer for each thing and DO NOT go past that limit you give yourself.

  • Evaluate your productivity each week and re-adjust accordingly.

6+ Simple Time Management Tips | A Kind Journey | #TheKindBrands

4 | Ditch ¼ of your commitments.

It sounds crazy but you need to remove at least 25% of your activities, prioritize, tasks, etc by either removing them completely from your life OR delegating them to someone else. For every 10 things on your list or calendar, get rid of 4 of them. I know you may think it’s not possible, but it is!

5 | For whatever is left, adjust frequency, the time, and when you do them.

FREQUENCY | Unless you’re training for some competition, you may think that you need to work out for 2 hours a day for 6 days each week, but you don’t. Switch up the frequency or time by dropping to 1 hr a day 6 days a week or 2 hours a day for 3 days a week. Voila, you just gained 6 hours in your week.

TIME | Maybe you need to learn how to be more productive at some tasks or figure out how you can do them a little quicker. For example, hand making cards for people for their birthdays is so nice but if it takes you 2 hours per card, it may be time to just buy them a card and they would never know you would’ve  made them a handmade one but you just freed up 5 hours in your month!

WHEN | For the when you do your tasks, batch em! If you have 14 bills that need paid each month, sit down 1-2 times a month and hammer a bunch out instead of once every couple days. Then you only have to be in the bill paying mindset twice in a month.

6 | Get a little help.

We can't achieve anything on our own. We always need a little help. I created a course specifically for you where you can up-level your mindset around time so you don’t hate the word, and you can manage your time a little bit better so you can actually spend more time living your life + less time on things you don’t like.

It’s worth repeating, because it’s so so true. Time is our most precious resource we have.

It allows us to fill it with things we either love doing, don't enjoy doing, or we end up spending it wasting it away. When it comes down to it, those are the only 3 ways we spend time.

So, let me ask you this darling, how would you like to spend the rest of your time on this beautiful Earth?

Take Back Control Of Your Time Course

Break Free From Busy, Be Your Most Productive Self Ever + Have Time For Everything You Desire

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6+ Simple Time Management Tips | A Kind Journey | #TheKindBrands
6+ Simple Time Management Tips | A Kind Journey | #TheKindBrands
6+ Simple Time Management Tips | A Kind Journey | #TheKindBrands
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