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Our Kind Manifesto + What Kind Means To Us

So you're probably wondering, what the heck does 'kind' mean? We feel that the word 'kind' encompasses so many different things and we want to showcase that for you.

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Priorities: How To Use Them To Get The Life You Want

Here’s the hard (but exciting) truth about priorities: you only have 24 hours in a day. Here's the good part: that is PLENTY of time for your top priorities if (and only if) you let go of everything else

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30 Kind Bucket List Ideas

Some of us have a bucket list of things we want to accomplish or places we want to go, but do we ever really put those ideas into action? Most of us just keep adding and adding without crossing things off. What if we actively pursued the things we wanted in life? 

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A Kind Gift Guide: For Her, Him + The Kiddos

When you buy kind items, whether for yourself or as gifts, you are truly making a positive difference in the world; securing American jobs, helping lift hard-working families in third world countries out of poverty and supporting their sustainable business, helping divert waste and recycled materials from landfills, and creating demand for better, safer overseas manufacturing factories. Long story short, it's a pretty big deal!

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15 Things To Stop Doing Today If You Want To Be Happy

Life should be about happiness, connection, fulfillment, green tea, naps, crystals, yoga, and celebration, but often we fill it with stress, negativity, judgment, mind games, self-pity, and jealousy. Does this sound familiar?

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What The Heck Are Life + Health Coaches?
You May Have Friendships All Wrong

Friendships are like any relationship. They have ups. They have downs. They require a version of balance unique to each relationship. Over the course of your friendship, there will be times when the scale is tipped a little in your favor when you need more from them, and there will be times when the scale is tipped in their direction and you need to give a little more. 

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