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A Kind Spotlight: Jessica Langel, Joining Jessica

A Kind Spotlight: Jessica Langel, Joining Jessica

Welcome everyone to the third Kind Spotlight where we spotlight people + businesses doing all sorts of kind things, sharing their passions, and making an impact on the world. This Kind Spotlight is highlighting my good friend + wellness inspiration, Jessica Langel.


Meet Jessica Langel

A Kind Spotlight: Jessica Langel | #TheKindBrands #KindSpotlight

Hey! I’m Jess. My current self-proclaimed (Pinterest-found) occupation = aspiring beam of light. I am a thriving cancer survivor, soon to be Doctor of Chiropractic, and creator of “Joining Jessica.” Joining Jessica originated as an informal blog/virtual cancer journal with the purpose of sharing my unique (that’s a nice way of saying crazy) cancer healing journey with the world. The blog has since evolved into a health “hub” full of wellness resources. I call this website my mission-based masterpiece/work in progress because it continually evolves as I do.

Joining Jessica encourages individuals to have a voice in their health care, find joy in wellness, and let go of the paralyzing comparison healthy lifestyles can bring on.

My chiropractic career is what I refer to as phase two of this mission. I was drawn to the profession as it is a truly holistic, gentle and non-invasive approach to health care. My plan after graduation in August 2019 is to open "Journey Chiropractic" as a vessel to serve others.

The name “Journey” comes from my walk with cancer. I learned quickly that healing is not ever a perfectly linear process, but a JOURNEY . . . And no two journeys are ever identical. I have found a personal freedom in knowing my health journey is not supposed to look like anyone else’s. I believe we all have the birthright to vibrant health, but health is an outfit that looks different on everyone.

I’ve also learned what we don’t need in the midst of struggle or sickness is shame for being human. I aspire to serve my patients with authentic compassion and unwavering grace. I am already working behind the scenes to create a welcoming space for patients no matter where they lie in their own health journey - newborn, elderly, perfectly healthy, or chronically ill. My vision is to provide hope for those who feel hopeless and a sense of renewal for those who had no idea how incredible they were designed to feel.


Our Chat

In this interview you’re going to hear Jessica’s story, feel her deep passion + excitement for wellness, and learn about holistic health + wellness. And we even dive deep into cancer, infertility, being your own health advocate, and more!


As always if you have questions for me, comment below! And if you have questions for Jessica you can find her at one of her links below!

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A Kind Spotlight with Jessica Langel of Joining Jessica | #TheKindBrands
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