Don't Succeed at Something You Hate

Would you rather succeed at something you hate or struggle at something you love?

It’s an interesting concept. If you struggle to pursue the things you love you’re still getting yourself closer and closer to succeeding at it, but often people “give up” too early and move from something they love to something they hate, then find success in that.

Don't Suceed at Something You Hate | #TheKindBrands

But ultimately, what we need to do when faced with those struggles is be resourceful to see if there’s a different strategy or maybe we need to pivot a little.

Finding success in something that doesn’t bring you happiness or fulfillment is never a good idea.

It’s a waste of your skills, knowledge, talent, money, energy, and time.

Give up on being successful at what you hate and instead, take the road less traveled and keep pursuing what you love, even if it’s a struggle.

Wouldn't that be more enjoyable?

I want to know your opinion. How does this concept feel? Stressful? Easy? Refreshing?

(Hopefully not the former.)

Tell me in the comments below!

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Don't Succeed at Something You Hate | #TheKindBrands
Don't Succeed at Something You Hate | #TheKindBrands
Don't Succeed at Something You Hate | #TheKindBrands