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Be A Gossip Killer

Be A Gossip Killer

We’re getting real here.

I recently discovered that I was the object of someone’s gossip. No surprise, it happens to us all, we know this happens on the surface but when we really find out that it’s happening to us in real time, it’s not fun. You feel alone. You feel angry. You feel helpless, etc. To be transparent, it made me want to gossip right back because that’s what girls do and that’s what those people deserve, right? Wrong.

Be A Gossip Killer | #TheKindBrands

While this may happen and feel natural and normal to do, it’s not the right thing to do. Yes, I’ve definitely been the ‘victim’ of gossip and I’ve definitely dished out the gossip right back but it horrifies me that I have done that. Doesn’t the word ‘gossip’ alone just make you feel icky? It’s doesn’t feel good. It feels really bad.

So, when I heard this gossip, I was so close to dishing it out right back, which at the moment would have made me feel better, but I didn’t. It’s not a long-term or mature solution to that problem. And it would have made me feel awful for a long time. I’m so glad I didn’t.

This is sometimes a daily struggle for us to either stay away from gossip, not be the victim of it, not let it affect us or to not spread it ourselves. And when I say daily struggle, I'm serious. It's everywhere.

How To Deal

It’s our first reaction when someone says something bad about us or someone we know just gossip right back but it never leads to anything productive. So instead, I talked it over with my sweetie. I knew I was in a safe zone to express my true feelings about the issue and talk it through, and I was able to determine that I didn’t need to worry about what this person CHOSE to say about me. Whether true or false. I was able to let it go.

This isn't always the case. It isn’t always just as easy as chatting with your closest loved one about what you should do or vent to them, but especially because I wasn't close with this person, I knew there was nothing I could do that would change anything about the situation. And perhaps they didn’t even mean what they said in a bad way.

If, however, this was a close relationship of mine, I would have more than likely confronted this person in a loving + mature manner. I would have approached it in a way that I could keep the relationship intact. The best way to do this is to think about that person and how their personality tends to react to situations and handle it on a case by case basis. The strategy is really individualized.

Be A Gossip Killer

If you’re around gossip, be the person it dies with. Don’t spread it. It’s up to YOU to take the high road and do not pass it on.

Start surrounding yourself with people that don’t do it. 

Be the person that expresses their feelings and talking things out instead of building a wall or speaking lies about others. Be the person who others can talk to and know that they’re words are safe with you.

Why Be A Gossip Killer?

The real thing about gossip is that is blocking your blessings and it's blocking other people's blessings. How rude.

Words carry so much energy with them, whether intentional or not, they mean something. Because words carry so much weight and meaning, don’t use them to tear someone else apart when you very likely don’t know the whole story. And for goodness sake, don’t fill in details with our imagination or guesses or worse, assumptions of situations we really know nothing about.

A Kind Takeaway

You can live a life above gossip. You can get to a point where it doesn't bother you when it's said about you, and that when you hear it you don't participate in it. It can happen for you. It takes time. Let it take time. Don't stress, it's all a journey.

A Kind Conversation

Have you ever been the victim of gossip or been in a sticky situation? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments below!

A Kind Impact

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