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I'm Giving You Permission To Screw It Up

I'm Giving You Permission To Screw It Up

Say whhhhhaaaaaaaaat?!?!

I know what you're probably thinking. Why in the world would I want to screw anything up? 

Ok, I totally understand that I sound like Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan in the movie 'The Break Up' - Jen Aniston: "I just want you to want to do the dishes", "Why would I want to do the dishes?" LOL!

Who would want to screw anything up when you could do it perfectly?! Hear me out.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.33.08 PM.png

Our society is so engulfed in the thinking that everything has to be done perfectly. It can't have mistakes, our hair needs to look beautiful, it needs to be done on time, etc. Let me ask you this, what happens when things aren't done perfectly? What do you do? How do you feel?

If you're anything like me, you pout a little on the inside (maybe the outside - sorry friends!), start beating yourself up with angry words, think about all the things you "should've" done, and just get down on yourself thinking you're unworthy of life. Seriously, been there done that, it's not fun.

But what if it could look something like this?

You mess up. No big deal. It happens. Own up to it. Apologize to the affected party or yourself. Kindly understand that things could have gone better but they didn't and you did all you could with the resources you had. So, next time you know what needs to change to get the result you were hoping for. And then thank yourself for being so understanding and mature.

Wow, that seems a lot better than the previous example.

Listen, there is a lot in this world that isn't in our control, and that's ok. All we can do about those things is be understanding. Other times things happen that are in our control but for some reason or another, it just doesn't go the way we hoped.

This post is me telling you that it's ok to screw up.

Not that you need my permission but sometimes it's good to hear it from someone else.

My hope for you is to understand that you need to allow space for screw ups. It happens. We are all human. Build this belief into your daily life and apply it as you see fit. But remember, life happens and one the best things you can do is to allow yourself the space to do, think, or say what you need.

Go forth and don't be afraid to screw up, you have my permission to LET IT GO.

xoxo, Taylor

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