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Make Your Home Smell Beautiful (The Kind + Healthy Way)

Make Your Home Smell Beautiful (The Kind + Healthy Way)

Research says that smell is the sense with the closest ties to memory. Isn’t that incredible? You probably have many scents that trace back to wonderful memories in your life. 

But what happens when you try to recreate scents in your home and it actually does your body more harm than good? Our society is in the habit of using conventional aromatic sprays, candles, and other products, but they have many questionable ingredients.

Personally, we love using natural, non-toxic ways to make our home smell beautiful - and their safe!

Here are 8 alternatives to using toxic products in your home:

1. Windows

Open a window! Our indoor environments are so much dirtier than our outside environments. It’s good to get some air circulation and fresh air in our spaces. 

2. Essential Oils

Diffusing all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils in your home is an excellent way to make your home smell beautiful while getting some amazing health benefits. Be sure to be aware of store bought essential oils since many brands contain added fillers and have a higher water content, costing you money. Cheap essential oils may also be toxic. (If you want a good (healthy + natural) brand suggestion for essential oils, comment below!

Make Your Home Smell Beautiful | #TheKindBrands

3. Candles

Look for candles with all natural soy wax for a clean and sustainable burn. Find candles that have lead-free cotton wicks and that use all natural essential oils for a soothing and natural aromatic experience. Click here for our favorites!

4. Room Spray

Room sprays are a great non-toxic, non-irritating alternative. Buy ones that are made with pure essential oils and distilled water. No fixatives or fillers. Just a few sprays will purify the air and leave a fresh scent in any room. You can use these sprays to freshen linens, towels, and closets too. They are also polysorbate free! Click here for our favorite!

5. Clean

Clean your home with the juice of a lemon. This does double duty - it cleans your beautiful home and makes it smell so fresh!

6. Garbage Disposal

I know right, it’s a weird avenue to making your space smell amazing. Run some lemons, limes, or oranges through your garbage disposal and it will leave your kitchen smelling fresh!

7. Plants

Place some air purifying plants around your home, like peace lilies, palm trees, lavender, and orchids to help clean your air.

8. Simmer

Fill a pot or saucepan with water, add some lemon, lime, and/or oranges with some fresh herbs, and essential oils, put it on your stovetop and simmer on low heat.

Make your space smell beautiful and make beautiful memories.

xoxo, Taylor

What are your favorite ways to make your home smell beautiful? What’s your favorite scent? Tell us in the comments below.

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