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Our Kind Manifesto + What Kind Means To Us

Our Kind Manifesto + What Kind Means To Us

So you're probably wondering, what the heck does 'kind' mean? We feel that the word 'kind' encompasses so many different things and we want to showcase that for you.

While we truly value the words below and their meaning, we know that this will always be a work in progress.

Our Kind Manifesto | #TheKindBrands

Our Kind Manifesto . . . what kind means to us:

Kind Desires

Discover your true desires so you can make them a reality.

  • Spend the time to get to know yourself + your true desires.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Know what you value most in life and make the choices every day to stay in alignment with those and get you closer to the life you truly want.
  • You can have your dream life and but it doesn’t all have to come at once. 
  • Know that the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be is by doing the work.
  • Release the 'power' of societal norms and what society thinks you 'should' be doing and how you 'should' live your life.
  • Question the status quo and what you want out of this life.
  • A fulfilling life is usually not lived through things but instead through experiences and memories.
  • Each new day brings a new opportunity to create a great life.
  • Life is a series of choices you make.
  • Be grateful for the way things happen.


Kind Purpose

Get clear on your purpose so you can have lasting fulfillment.

  • Happiness, success, and fulfillment are whatever you want them to be.
  • Express yourself completely.
  • Be generous enough to share your ideas, your process, and your purpose with the world.
  • Share your gifts, skills, and knowledge.
  • Build your own yes when you're told no.
  • Make time for your purpose in this life.
  • Know that you are here for a reason and you are an amazing + incredible gift to this world.
  • Live your truth.
  • Slow down + do less but experience more.
  • Build community over competition.
  • Get out there and make magic.


Kind Impact

Make a sustainable impact on the world so you can enhance the world and the life of others.

  • Bring awareness + consciousness to our lives and others on a global scale.
  • Understand that we are a small part of this world but that does not mean we have a small impact.
  • Know that everything is connected to everything. 
  • See the world as a sum of all it's parts // whole.
  • Regularly ask yourself 'How can I bring more good into this world?' and 'How can I inspire others to lead a better life?'.
  • Participate in conscious capitalism. 
  • Support businesses that are using kind practices will help make the world a better place, one (necessary) purchase at a time.


Kind Mindset

Hold a healthy + positive mindset so you can make things happen.

  • Let in only the people, events + things that light your soul on fire and let go of those that don't.
  • Be more intentional in your decision making. 
  • Talk to yourself with respect, kindness, and compassion.
  • Focus on non-judgemental, positive and self-empowering thoughts. 
  • Believe that something extraordinarily beautiful is right around the corner.
  • A healthy + focused mind makes things happen.
  • Trust the process of life and believe that where you are right now is where you're meant to be.
  • Expand your comfort zone so you can grow + experience more.
  • Understand that you create your own reality. No one does that for you.
  • Stay out of your own way.
  • Release limiting + self-sabotaging beliefs.
  • Where focus goes, energy flows.
  • Choose to live from abundance and not scarcity. 


Kind Spirituality

Relish in your unique spirituality so every day, your soul can sing. 

  • Choose to see things beautifully because there is always a silver lining.
  • Listen to the yearnings of your soul.
  • Hold space to feel your feelings: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Choose love over fear in every situation.
  • Know the everything you're experiencing right now is for the greater good.
  • Love yourself.
  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Choose your teachers + mentors wisely.
  • Things don't happen to you, but instead, they happen FOR you. 
  • Stop forgetting how much love and joy you have in your life.


Kind Relationships

Engage in high-vibe + authentic relationships so you can focus on spending time with people who truly light your world up.

  • Know that a happy + fulfilled life takes a village sometimes.
  • Allow others to help you along your journey.
  • Surround yourself with people that inspire you and want you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Embrace deep connections with others.
  • Allow yourself to fall deep in love even when it may scare you.
  • You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with.
  • Don't waste your precious time thinking about, stressing over, or spending time with toxic people.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.


Kind Wellness

Have a thriving wellness routine so you can feel your best to live your best.

  • Give your body the gift of high quality, nutritious AND delicious food.
  • Focus on moving over exercising.
  • Prioritize rest + relaxation and know it's purpose.
  • Realize that health isn't the destination. It's the vehicle that enables all that you do.
  • You can’t take care of others when you are depleted, unhappy and unfulfilled. Take time for yourself.
  • There is no 'one diet' or 'magic pill'. Find what works best for you and go with it.
  • Choose 'good for you' foods 80% of the time but allow yourself to scribble outside the lines the other 20%.


Kind Lifestyle

Lead a more conscious, intentional + holistic lifestyle so you can live a beautiful life.

  • Be conscious + aware in your daily life.
  • Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn't.
  • Accept yourself for who you truly are.
  • Create a beautiful environment around you.
  • Show your wild + crazy side every once in a while.
  • Take time to pause and look around.
  • How we spend our time, energy, and money is our choice.
  • Living a hectic, overwhelmed and stressed life does not serve you, your purpose or anyone else in your life. In fact, it hurts it. 
  • You create your reality. Life is what you make it!
  • Life gets messy for everyone and that's okay. 
  • Busy doesn't mean important.
  • Fall in love with YOUR kind journey.

Did you resonate with our manifesto? We would love to know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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