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The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule

Let’s chat quickly about the 5-second rule . . .

Lacking motivation, drive, or action in a certain area of your life? Probably, and I’m right there with you! 

There are things you know you need to be doing to have the life you want but the motivation and drive is just not there when you need to take action. So what do you do?


Every day we face some level of resistance and hardship when we are trying to make things happen in our lives. Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is. But when we take the time to develop skills and knowledge we need to move past the resistance and hardships, then that’s when the magic happens.

Author and speaker, Mel Robbins created a simple but revolutionary concept to help you make things happen in your life. Ready? 

The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must push yourself to move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it. 

This concept doesn’t make anything easier for you to do things (especially in the beginning) but it does make things happen for you. That’s its main purpose.

Here’s how you use the 5-second rule: 

Step 1: Decide what you need to do.

What’s the action? Some examples are: making that important speech in your next meeting, getting out of bed early, paying a hefty credit card bill, breaking some terrible news to someone, getting your cute booty to the gym, etc. 

Step 2: Countdown like a rocket.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. In your head or out loud, doesn’t matter. Just count down from 5 to 1.

Step 3: GO!

Don’t think about it. Just go. Move towards action. Make magic happen. (Yes, say to yourself or out loud “Go!” Saying it will propel you forward.)

That’s it!

So basically, (in my experience) the theory is that if we don’t take action within the first 5 seconds, our mind will shoot it down and it will be difficult to take action after second 5. You have a 5-second window before your mind starts inventing reasons and worries to not do something. Counting down to 5 seconds allows your mind to focus on what you want and distracts you from the negative and unnecessary noise. Let’s get ahead of it in the first 5 seconds so you can finally move forward in your life and make your dreams happen.

Lean into your instinct and roll with the momentum.

When you need to make a change and you don’t know how use the 5-second rule. When you don’t feel like doing something or you’re scared or you’re avoiding something, use the 5-second rule. When you have a difficult time making something happen or you lack motivation, use the 5-second rule. When faced with a difficult decision, go with your first instinct and decide in the first 5 seconds that you are going to make it happen. Then do it before you change your mind or start hesitating for whatever reason.

The 5-second rule is how you push yourself through the difficult times so you can come out on the other side and make magic happen.

I encourage you to try it for one week. Anytime you are faced with resistance, use this tool.

We hope this post inspires you to have a beautiful life + a kind journey.

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Love, Taylor 

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The 5 Second Rule | #TheKindBrands
The 5 Second Rule | #TheKindBrands
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