Kind Spolight

I am so excited you're here! A Kind Spotlight is a conscious + purposeful conversation hosted by me, getting to know business owners, influencers, and passionate individuals about topics relating to their niche. All Kind Spotlights are between 30-45 minutes of conversation, giving the audience some insight into you, your brand, and your value. Below, you can find the Kind Spotlight process and a questionnaire to fill out so I can get started on my end!


Once you confirm that you would like to be spotlighted, we will set a recording date and a publish date for the interview. I will send you a calendar event for both. (Recording must be completed within 3 days of the publish date.)


Fill out the questionnaire below and please email me a high-resolution photo of you for marketing purposes (


I will start preparing interview questions in addition to any that you include in the form as well as writing the short article about you and your brand (unless you indicate you'd prefer to write it yourself).


I will email you the questions. Send back any edits or suggestions and I will make the necessary changes.


We record the interview. Yay! We will record on Google Hangouts or Zoom, whichever works best for you.


Once the interview is recorded, I'll get the video and article ready to be published along with and short blog post for your approval. I'll also create some marketing material for easy sharing. Prior to the Kind Spotlight being published, I'll send you an email with some materials and links to share it on your end.


Once it's up and launched, I'll be blasting it out on social media and to my email newsletter. It'll be available for you to share and link to as you please. I can also send you a 'Kind Spotlight' badge/icon if you have some sort of press page on your site that you would like to put it on. (By request.)