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kind resources


Sometimes articles don't quite cut it. And sometimes it's just not the right time to invest in offerings. I get it.

Knowing that along with my love for learning + trying different things in my business, I want to provide you with some free resources.




Connect with like-minded, equally passioante, adn super impactful peeps. We all have different journeys, goals, and desires but we can totally learn from one another. 


I love writing articles, but I know that sometimes you want to go even more in depth with the material. So, every so often I publish a new 'Kind Life Guide' for FREE! Yes, they are completely free for you!


A 'Weekly Love Letter' is an email (love letter) from me to you that shows up in your inbox every Wednesday with lots of goodies like: Inspiration + Good Vibes, Exclusive Trainings, Workshops, + Videos, Tips, Tricks + Strategies, Free DIY Resources (Like ebooks, worksheets, etc.), Discounts (Not just on my offerings, but other people's too!), and more!


coming soon

Launching very soon will be my entire list of favorites for your life. (Products, courses, books, blogs, podcasts, etc.)